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Houndy Huskies Adventures
Sunday, 13 March 2005

here i am relaxing, things are starting to settle down now, with winter coming to a close. Can't wait until next season !

Already i am preparing for next season. One of the things we have been doing is free running the dogs at home, this will be a great way to keep them happy in summer and maintain a base level of fitness.

I am also looking for some new additions to the team for next year. The kennel is in a real building phase, so along with some puppies i am looking for solid, proven adults. That way the adults will be able to teach those rascally puppies a thing or two!

Posted by houndyhuskies at 11:12 PM WAT
Updated: Friday, 18 March 2005 8:42 PM WAT

This is me and my boy, Jeff, out enjoying the scenery out on a warm 'winter' day.

Posted by houndyhuskies at 11:07 PM WAT
Updated: Friday, 18 March 2005 8:44 PM WAT
sometimes things go a bit wrong ...

this is my hand after a run yesterday. Left a bit of skin out on the trail!

Posted by houndyhuskies at 11:03 PM WAT
Monday, 7 March 2005
whos a pretty girl?
here is Sitka, a happy little yearling goofball out on a run posing very nicely. She is a fun dog to be around, always doing funny stuff like rotating her head from side to side as she is looking at you, as if trying to figure out what you are thinking.

Yep, she is a smart one this dog, got the mind buzzing all the time. Most of the time she is a pleasure to spend time with, always full of energy.

Posted by houndyhuskies at 3:55 PM WAT
Thursday, 3 March 2005
oh where to go?
we are wanting to go and see some new trails, check out the beautiful scenery but it so warm everywhere it seems!

if anyone has a great suggestion on a great location for a camp trip, drop me a line at


Posted by houndyhuskies at 4:31 PM WAT
oh what a morning
Here i am waking up on my birthday in my new -20 C sleeping bag and boy am i glad that i had the warm bag!

Posted by houndyhuskies at 4:17 PM WAT
Most improved award

Frieda, wins the most improved award. She did a great job, getting the 'idea' of what being a sled dog is all about this season.

A yearling female who was a skimpy, scared little houndy dog who didnt even want to come out of her house to run!

Now she is a strong, confident lead dog, i am so proud of the progress she has made. She runs well whether we are doing a flat out sprint or a 60 mile run. A truly versatile dog that is always on the line working.

We are proud of you Freedee!

Posted by houndyhuskies at 4:06 PM WAT
looking a little mischievous
hmm, i wonder what these two are thinking?

Posted by houndyhuskies at 3:57 PM WAT
musher at work

Here is a local musher, Sandy Burke getting ready to run. We were pretty excited that is started snowing, it looks kind of trippy in the picture.

Posted by houndyhuskies at 3:52 PM WAT
out with the huskies
Here is the team and I on a run at Wells, in the mountains. Unfortuntately Wells is the only place we can run because the snow has melted at home.

In the picture you can see my funky new hat. I was so happy to find this hat, it is a felted wool hat made in Nepal. The shop i found it on was a pretty conservative home decorating store so i was somewhat surprised to find such a treasure there.

The racing season is probably, (sadly) over for us now and we are looking to do a couple of camping trips to end the season.

We have decided that we want to stay in Canada for the next couple of years (at least) running dogs. Now we just need to find jobs and apply for permanent residency. I am excited about next season and i am hoping to find some good dogs to start building my kennel for the future.

It is an exciting time and i am looking forward to meeting some more great poeple along the journey.

Have a great day!


Posted by houndyhuskies at 3:46 PM WAT

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